About Me

Hi! I'm Tom and I go by he/him. I am currently the Human Resources & Tutoring Program Manager at STEM of Tomorrow! Alongside this I also work with the other STEM of Tomorrow volunteers to keep improving and developing the program! My biggest passion right now is swimming and I'm currently a competitive swimmer at Markham Aquatic Club! I also enjoy all types of art and love meeting new people!

My Past Experience

Before my current role, I was a blog writer at STEM of Tomorrow. The experience has allowed me to learn about new ideas and innovative topics. I do still write blogs, and it's enjoyable! I've participated in many summer camps mentoring and ensuring that the children participating in the camps have a safe and enjoyable experience. I've encountered many different problems working at camps that have allowed me to understand better how to work well with children. I also help the younger teammates of my swim team to make sure they feel included and know what it takes to be a good teammate and leader. Overall I am so glad that I am able to be a part of STEM of Tomorrow!

Swim Team!

My Past Projects

  • Salvation Army: Toy Mountain, sorting and managing toys for children before Christmas.
  • Salvation Army: Food Drive, sorting and distributing food to those in need year round.
  • Salvation Army: Backpack Program, sorting and distributing school supplies for children before school starts.
  • Sandwich Sisters, making sandwiches for those in need around the GTA.
  • Don't Mess With The Don, cleaning up areas in the Don Valley.

I'm so glad to be able to work my peers at STEM of Tomorrow and I hope you enjoy you enjoy your experience here as well. We appreciate all of the help that we get and are always accepting suggestions on how to improve! If you're interested in volunteering or learning here, please check out our sign up form.


If you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at tomzheng@stemoftomorrow.org!


Tutoring Program

The tutoring program is an opportunity for kids to get 1 on 1 help from high school volunteers on their school work.


Artemis: Humanity's Return to the Moon

NASA's next chapter of lunar exploration, Artemis, has the task of not just going to the Moon to create a long-term human presence on and around it, but also to prepare for ever-more-complex human missions to Mars.


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