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About the Course

This course will cover the basic mathematic curriculum for grades 3-5, from counting to pythagorean theorem. Although daunting to some, having a firm grasp of math is essential for many jobs in our modern world, training your reasoning, abstract, spacial, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Real Life Use Cases of Math

In real life, math is essential in nearly every career. From calculating the most efficient diving angle to the amount of cement needed to keep a skyscraper upright. Math is a way for us to quantitatively determine the “perfect” way to execute something.

Why Should I Learn Math?

It may not be obvious, but math is all around us; from cooking to construction, a solid understanding is vital in our everyday lives. In addition, knowing the basics can let you learn increasingly complex math, and achieve better results in contests and tests.

Course Prerequisites

Math Level 1 - (prerequisites: none, recommended grade level: 3-4)

Math Level 2 - (prerequisites: Math Level 1, recommended grade level: 5-6) (Coming Soon)

Math Level 3 - (prerequisites: Math Level 1, recommended grade level: 7-8) (Coming Soon)

Contest Level 1 - (prerequisites: Math Level 1)

Course Content

Beginner Math

  • Basic Arithmetic's + Review
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Measurement, Perimeter, and Areas
  • Word Problems
  • Number Theory
  • Data Management
  • Geometry
  • Algebra

Intermediate Math

  • Gauss Contest
  • Math League
  • AMC 8
  • Beaver Computing Contest