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Survival Guide for Your First Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition is one of the leading international high school robotics competitions. But with hundreds of teams filled with bright minds and ideas, how can you hold up and rise above the competition?

The Daddening of Video Games

"Many game developers confessed that being a dad played a role in their inspiration for characters. It's not incidental. It’s truly important to the story and really baked into the game itself,"

A Journey Into the Metaverse

Ever wondered where the idea of the metaverse came from? Find out how CEO Mark Zuckerberg developed and popularized the idea.

Programming 101: Java

So. You want to take AP Computer science, but you have no clue what Java is. You do some research and you find that it is mainly object oriented. You have no clue what that is. You do even more research and find that according to Oracle, Java is the #1 development platform, and over 3 billion devices run Java. You have no clue why you didn't know about this. In this article, we'll find out what Java truly is.

Programming 101: Python

Arguably the most popular langauge in the world, designed with simplicity and named after Monty Python's Flying Circus, learn all about python, from what is considered "pythonic" and why we hate semicolons!

5 Reasons Why Linux is Just Better than Windows:

Sometimes, free things are better. Click me to learn 5 reasons why Linux is much better than Windows!

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